More Reagents




Alumina, Silica , HPLC / low pressure Chromatography Adsorbent Thin Dry Column Chromatography , Ion- exchange resin

Antibodies and immunological reagents

First antibodies, Secondary antibodies , Detection reagents, Purified protein


Antibody detection kits, Inhibitors, Substrates, Proteins, Enzymes, Peptides

Biochemical reagents

Base and acid, Amino acids, Antibiotics, Biological buffers, Biological macromolecules , Carbohydrates, Detection reagent, Electrophoresis or hybridization with, fragrances or flavors, Lipids, Nucleosides or nucleotides, Salts, Serum, Solvent, Surfactants

Media and reagents

Bacterial / yeast culture, Mammal / plant / insect cell culture medium


Apoptosis, Cell biology, Nucleic acid purification, Plant culture media, Transformation, Transfection, Gene expression vector

Laboratory detergents and disinfectants

7X cleaning agents, MPX disinfectants

Proteins, enzymes and peptides

Neuropeptide, Other types of polypeptide, Other types of enzymes, Other types of proteins, Catalysts, inhibitors and substrates, Hydrolyzate
Peptone, Cytoskeleton and extracellular matrix proteins, Milk protein, Plasma and hemoglobin
Albumin, Growth factor, Yeast lytic enzyme, Protease inhibitors, Kinases and phosphatases, Molecular biology enzymes


Amino acids, Carbohydrates, CAT laboratory reagents, Cyclic nucleotides, Iodine compounds, Lipids, carboxylic acids, Nucleotides, Precursors and other compounds, Radionuclides, and other receptors, Flash reagents and related

Rare and fine chemicals

Amines, Carbonyl compounds, Carboxylic acids and derivatives, Halogen compounds, Heterocyclic compounds, Hydrocarbons , Hydroxyl and derivatives, Inorganic compounds, Organic nitrogen compounds, Organic phosphorus, Organic sulfur, and rare earth organometallic category