Light Ace has built up a very strong relationship with our customers, especially key governmental agencies by marketing superior quality instruments and equipments, extensive knowledge, and fast response technical support to the clients from a wide base of industries and institutions.


Supply, installation, and commissioning of ICP-oTOF-MS (GBC, Australia) system:


First Asia wide installation of ICP-oTOF-MS in the Institute of subtropical Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and analysis of hazardous elements in soil in 2007


Establishment of a united demo lab cooperated with Key Lab of Bio-geology and Enviro-geology of Ministry of Education, China University of Geosciences for analysis of complicated geological samples and single particle trace elemental analysis in 2009


Supply, installation, and commissioning of Atomic Absorption Spectrometers (GBC, Australia):


Acquiring a big order from Shandong Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision, valued at more than 0.5M US dollars, which supplies 8 sets of Atomic Absorption Spectrometers with accessories and spares to the subsidiary stations for food and related product quality control in 2007


Delivery of 23 sets of AA systems to the geological survey and exploration institutions in Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Liaoning in FY 2009 for analysis of minerals.


Delivery of 6 sets of AA systems to the nonferrous metal industry for mineral analysis in 2009


Delivery of 18 sets of AA systems to biopharmaceutical manufacturers for pharmaceutical analysis since 2007


Supply, installation, and commissioning of Portable Gas Chromatography systems (PID Analyzers, USA)


For field analysis of hazardous and harmful organic compounds in indoor air to the institute of Occupational Health, PetroChina Company Limited (CNPC).


For field analysis of natural gas to Heilongjiang Gas Corporation Limited


For coal mine gas field-analysis of to the rescue team of Kailuan Mining Group Corporation which is a state certificated first class rescue center.


Supply, installation, and commissioning of lab equipments (Labconco, USA) :


China Disease Control and Prevention Emergency Responder Projects

Major international bidding projects aided by Japanese Yen Loan Project and executed by following Provincial Health Bureaus:









Major bidding projects at following key governmental agencies and institutions:

         China Academy of Sciences

         Ministry of Education

         China Academy of Military Medical Sciences

         China Academy of Medical Sciences

         General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection & Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China


Delivery of Lab equipments to the following key customers:

         PLA’s hospitals

         Universities and Schools under Ministry of Education

         PLA’s disease control and prevention centers

         China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ)