Our Business

Based on the request of our customers to support solution packages includes consulting, installation, maintenance and integrated import/export/logistic


Sales network:

11 branches and over 200 local partners constitute our nationwide business network.

Sales targets:

Of our more than 20,000 customers:

50% is high educations and research organizations;

30% is Inspection and Quarantine systems and CDCs;

20% is hospitals, pharmaceutical and other commercial R&D companies;
LIGHT ACE is organized into: Equipment and Instruments, Reagents and Consumables. With the developing of technology, LIGHT ACE expects to introduce more potential products into China to satisfy the market demands of Life science and chemistry.

Equipment and instruments:

As the primary business of LIGHT ACE, 20years introducing and sales experiences of world-class equipment and instruments in China helps LIGHT ACE to obtain the leader position in its industry. LIGHT ACE sales advanced laboratorial scientific instruments such as ventilated enclosures & exhausters, freeze dry system, glassware wisher, GC/HPLC, and Mass Spectrometry etc, in order to provide Chinese scientists and researches safety, cleaning and analytical equipment and instruments.  

Reagents and Consumables:

LIGHT ACE signed agreements with several international companies to represent their brands in China. LIGHT ACE continues to enhance the relationship between local consumers and international manufacturers, and provides more life science and chemical reagents, assay kits, cell and microorganism products, safety, glass & plastic ware to Chinese consumers.


The skilled support team is built while a strong business team possessed . It consists of experienced engineers and senior technicians who are able to provide consumers and salesmen timely and accurate technical assistance including professional consulting, instruments installation and operation training, remote guidance, visiting maintenance, accessories supply and other customized requirements. Engineer team is able to be sent flexibly nationwide to eliminate the worries of customers.